Wednesday 22 September 2010

The Annual Perennial Course in Alnarp

In early September we arranged the annual three days course about perennials in Alnarp again. This course deals with every aspect of the use of perennials in gardens, parks and city spaces and is intended mainly for professional landscapers, staff from municipalities, garden journalists and people from nurseries and Garden Centers.

The second course day the participants are given three alternative places there they are supposed to chose one and make a planting plan with suitable perennials. They have to consider both aesthetic values as well as the plant habitat issue.

The coffee breaks are not only cozy interruptions of the lectures but also important moments of discussions and an opportunity to create new contacts.

The last day we focused mainly on habitats and biotope plantings. Peter Korn delivered a very much appreciated lecture about natural steppes and steppes as a garden theme. Hopefully the participants left the course with fresh inspiring ideas and new suitable knowledge.

If you want information about the most recent perennial course you can find that on the blog "utan stängsel" at the page Stora Perennkursen.


  1. Sure was a great course! Thank you Peter and hope you never stop doing this!!

  2. Thanks Sanna! Well, one day we all have to stop what we are doing. But until that final day I'll continue in one way or another.

    Maybe the course remain intact next year, or perhaps I'll make two separeate courses in the future - one dealing with design and composition another more about habitats, biotops and stress and competition design.

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