Sunday 4 July 2010

The Prairie in Alnarp

The prairie in Alnarp was created during 2007 and planted in late fall in cooperation with the students at the University (SLU). It is a plot of 1000 square meters (0.25 acres) with solely native prairie plants from the true prairie in Mideast US, apart from one exception, the Common Camas, Camassia quamash from the northern Pacific states.

In late spring the prairie is tinted blue by 10 000 Camassia. In late summer instead the gayfeathers (Liatris) are predominating together with scattered groups of Rattlesnake Masters (Eryngium yuccifolium), False Sunflowers (Heliopsis helianthoides), the Upland White Asters (Aster ptarmacoides) and some others.

All shoots are from August 2009


  1. Hi Peter, fascinating gardens you are showing here, lovely photos and the plant choices are excellent. Your blog is a treasure trove already. Welcome to the Blogdom. :-)

  2. So sweet of you to shower me with such excessive kindness. But still I of course appriciate it. Thanks!