Tuesday 13 July 2010

A very dry setting

This dry habitat planting in Sävsjö was made in 1999 and extended in 2001. The mixture of gravels, sand and soil were put directly on an existing lawn. Only at the edges of the planting area the lawn was removed. Beside stable perennials we also used some short lived perennials and some true hoppers, biennials like the Verbascum bombiferum. Today 10 and 8 years later the planting still is okay. As this was meant to be a dynamic planting it of course looks very different nowadays compared to its early stages.

The planting is never irrigated, except from the first establishing year of course. If a plant species can't stand the conditions and die it will not be replaced. The hard world of dynamics rules!

Lychnis calcedonica, a short lived perennial has increased in number

The Alpine Thistle, Eryngium alpinum excist in some few specimen


  1. I'm very happy to have found your site. I plan to convert our front yard to a more natural landscape by planting drought tolerant perennials and natural grasses and flowers. Your site will be a great resource for learning and getting ideas for designs.

  2. Good luck with your front yard! Don't forget to take photos during the whole process as I would appriciate a slide show when the entire front garden is ready. I'm also very glad if I can inspire you in any way. Where do you have your garden?