Tuesday 30 November 2010

The Allium structure

Allium is a very useful genus in nearly all kind of garden design. Especially the species with big rounded flower heads are good contrast makers among plants with different structure.  Here are three nice examples from England.  
Allium together with the delicate Salvia.

Allium goes wild with Ranunculus repens

Allium and the later flowering Hylotelephium

When you plan your perennial border you might want it to flower from early spring to early winter if possible. In that case, however, the border will probably never reach a real peak with sumptuous blooming. Instead it is better to put effort on a certain period of the year, for instance from late summer to early autumn.

Allium aflatunense and its cultivars are also very useful as a late spring or early summer element in such late summer flowering plantings.


  1. Great flower combination.

    I love to intigrate allium in my garden. There form are unique.

    Greetings Rosana

  2. I just found your blog and need to comment this even if it is far too late. Those combinations you are presenting here looks fresh and new. Allium so common in many designs but is very often together with gray, so it was nice seeing it together with ranunculus.//Kristina