Thursday 6 January 2011

The Rift Valley Euphorbias

Cacti belonging to the Cactaceae family are originally found only in the new world, although many species are introduced and naturalized in suitable parts of Europe and Africa. In arid biotopes in Africa many other kind of plants have developed the same succulens strategi and look rather similar to the true cacti of America.

At the slopes down to the Rift Valley in Kenya an huge arborescent euphorbia dominates the landscape, the Euphorbia candelabrum.

On the way down to Rift Valley from NorthEast

Euphorbia candelabrum is endemic to East Africa

A group of giant euphorbias

The Euphorbia candelabrum are scattered along the hill side


  1. How did you get your blog to be so popular

  2. Plants, gardens, nature and landscapes! There you have the key reasons. Try and find out.

    Good luck!