Wednesday 25 May 2011

The Pink Rainfall in May

It always rains in the end of May. A beautiful pink rainfall fills the air and slowly covers paths and plants in Gunnar's Garden and convert it to a soft and delightful place resembling a just outside church post marriage spot.

The pink petals from the Cherry trees gracefully crest the low, pruned box hedge and thus boost and clarify its formal shape. This garden was made by Gunnar Sorte, a popular and skilled teacher at the university in Alnarp. He has now retired and moved back to his home country Norway. But the pinkish rain of the superannuated Cherry blossom still remains in every end of May.

Cherry Blossom Rain in Gunnar's Garden, Alnarp

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  1. Te różowe, usłane płatkami kwiatów alejki, wyglądają niesamowicie. Dopiero jak przeczytałam ( Google pomogło), wiedziałam co to jest. Pozdrawiam serdecznie