Saturday 11 June 2011

The Golden Age

In early June the prairie in Alnarp is predominated by the bright yellow Common Blanketflower, Gaillardia aristata. There are many colorful cultivars on the market, some with semi double flower heads, but here we have used the wild form with brownish red purple disc florets and more or less pure yellow ray florets.

The genus Gaillardia contains about dozen species in North America and they are all suitable for dry and severe conditions. Most of the species are either annuals or short lived perennials and the Common Blanketflower is rated in the latter group so the plants will not survive for decades, although it often self seed abundant.

The golden Common Blanketflowers thrives at dry prairies and meadows

Common Blanketflowers at the prairie in Alnarp, June 11th 2011 

The Blanketflower at the prairie last year in June 24th 2010.

Many moderns cultivars have large red banded flower heads 


  1. I have not seen this type of Blanketflower. What a nice shade of yellow. I saw many of the red and yellow ones in South Dakota growing in extremely dry conditions and thriving nicely.

  2. Yes, isn't it nice? But the red and yellow ones are equally beautiful. I'm going to the the prairies in Illiois and Wisconsin in July this year, but at that time the Blanketflowers will be out of blossom. But perhaps I can collect some seeds.