Friday 8 July 2011

Poppy seeds for the steppe

Today I spread the last seeds at the steppe roundabout in Lund. Most of the seeds are bought from Jellito Staudensamen in Germany and all arrived earlier this spring except for one item. Papaver croceum 'Wonderland Yellow' or Papaver nudicaule as it's also called, was a rest and came to my post box the other day.

First I mixed the seeds with Vermiculite in a bucket and then I walked around and throwed the mixture all around. I don't know if the poppy will germinate and establish at the calcareous steppe as I never tried it before under this conditions, but that is at least what I hope and expect. Many other seedlings are now emerging in the gravel and especially the Carthusian Pink, Dianthus carthusianorum and Chives, Allium schoenoprasum are abundant just as expected.

The two traffic islands are more densly planted then the roundabout itself.

Most plants are now settled and many tiny seedlings are visable in the gravel


  1. Now it starts to look exciting! What sort of response do you get from passersby?

  2. Thanks, yes it looks better and better for every week. I'm not there so often and never for long so I don't hear much from people passing by really, but so far at least it has only been positive judgements.

    However I'm going to use the roundabout for succession studies in my work so later I'll creep and grovel around to count seedlings and make notes. Then I will meet the population.